Clear Your Space: Physically and Mentally


Am I the only one who finds a therapeutic calmness to the dreaded task of cleaning and tidying? Whether it be a big closet clean out, a sink full of dishes or simple reorganization, it never fails to reinvigorate, motivate and bring a sense of clarity to my mood for the rest of the day. There’s nothing quite as gratifying as making something that is untidy, tidy! While being a great stress relief too! Just as important as it is to make sure your physical surroundings are clean and tidy, it’s important to clear and declutter your mental state to refocus become more productive and leave you in a generally happier mindset.

Imagine the effect of cleansing your mental state just as you would clean your house or office. Our brains are estimated to have 60,000 thoughts a day…. Now that's a lot of thinking for one day! With our thoughts being so powerful we can become overwhelmed by negative or stress related thinking, often being the same thing playing over and over in our mind and determining our reality,  it’s no wonder our brains need a break every now and then!

It’s time to give attention to your brain and give it a clear out! There’s a noticeable link between the effect of cleaning a space and how it can assist in the cleansing of your mind. Here are some ways which cleaning out your physical space can allow you to become more productive, focused and generally happier while ‘decluttering’ your thoughts.

Clean and organize your workspace

As I began this blog, physically cleaning a space can have significant effect on your mental clarity and state. Your environment is a reflection of your mental state, often chaotic and disorganized and achieving a clear mind set sometimes isn’t so simple when life becomes crazy. Think about it the way you would think about your workspace: just how your office desk can pile up with paperwork from months ago, your thoughts can clutter your brain and fog its ability to think proactively, decrease memory function, induce feelings of stress, anxiety and become demotivated to complete or even begin a daunting task.  

At Primary, we are big fans of creating work environments which are minimal, refined, clear of clutter, and radiate positive energy. Your work environment effects how productive and focused you are therefore having a clean, tidy and organised workspace will ensure you’re able to work effectively.

Apartment therapy  provides tips on how to declutter your workspace to create a calm more uplifting work environment, some including strategically rearranging your office furniture for increased productivity, clearing clutter and utilizing interiors and decor that will help keep you focused on completing tasks with a sense of accomplishment.

Additional to decluttering your mind and thoughts, cleaning and organizing your space has other benefits to your mind and body.

  • There will be an end to tossing and turning and you’ll get a better night’s sleep when your surroundings are clean and tidy

  • Generally, you’ll have a happier more positive outlook to life with reduced levels of stress

  • Your motivation for health and fitness will increase

  • The Picasso in you will awaken and your creative energy flow

With all the added benefits of simply cleaning out your space, how could you not get out your cleaning supplies out and approach the activity with a mindful attitude, let it clear your thoughts, refresh your day and be a start to a new stress free environment?

If your space is a complete and utter mess and you just don’t know where to start, Inc. has your guide to a complete organized workspace.

Happy cleaning!

Laura Santalucia