Food For Thought!


You’re probably still thinking about that mouthwatering cookie you just indulged in at the end of your lunch break, although as hard as it can be to ditch the afternoon cookies for celery sticks, have you ever wondered if your shift in mood, sluggishness, and lack of focus has to do with the diet you have inherited?

Time to say goodbye to the sweet tooth and feed your brain with the proper nutrients it needs! What we eat plays a vital role in the way we think, act and feel, directly impacting the quality of our work life. It’s true when they say you are what you eat! Your gut health has a direct impact on your brain health. So feeding your body and most importantly brain with good foods that enhance our focus, productivity, mood and awareness is vital for your mental functioning and physical energy levels.

Adopting a healthy eating routine and lifestyle is pivotal to a healthy and happy work life balance. Think about what you last ate? Did you manage to get your assigned tasks done for the day without being distracted or tired? Is your diet giving your brain the energy it needs to productively and efficiently get through your work day, week and month?

Feeling lethargic and fatigued is not going get your next deadline met. Many of us are unaware of the causes of these types of feelings and mood change!  An interesting aspect that I’ve recently discovered is the effect that inflammation has on mental and physical health. Many foods we regularly consume are unrecognisably contributing to the the damaging of cells which increase the inflammation throughout our body leaving a long term negative impact on our organs.

My favorite secret? Tumeric! The spice may seem an odd suggestion, however, Tumeric has only recently become highly recognized as an effective natural supplement to support body and brain health with its many benefits and forms of consumption, it’s an easy added value to any healthy meal or beverage. From its medicinal qualities to fighting inflammation and toxins, to (my favorite) boosting brain power! Tumeric has the properties to increase brain levels, improve memory and cognitive function as well and improve blood circulation throughout the body. Needless to say that a little bit of this spice goes a long way!

If your not fan of the distinct taste of Tumeric, no need to worry, healthline can help get you on track and make you power through your next work day with this list of natural anti inflammatory foods which even includes dark chocolate to satisfy those sugar cravings!

If you’re looking to perform well at work it’d be a good idea to red flag food which have an inflammatory response on the body.  That being, heavy meats, high amounts of processed sugar, foods high in fructose, artificial trans fats, and carbohydrates. So take those off your next shopping list!

Taking the time and learning about how foods affect your body will tremendously impact your your lifestyle. Switching your diet for these healthy foods, you’ll notice the ease on the struggle to get out of bed in the morning and have a productive and overall all uplifting day at work without feeling defeated before 12pm even rolls around. Eating well for your mind will improve overall alertness, concentration and problem solving skills and energy so that your work day will feel more productive and accomplished.

Need that extra brain power? Here is a full list of foods that can increase your brain power and wake up feeling energized and motivated to face your day!

Laura Santalucia