You Could Use a Nap

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By Hannah Woit

We’d all like to get a full night’s sleep every night, but sometimes that’s just not possible. Whether you’re up late working on a project or have to go into work straight after a redeye, you can have the best sleep intentions, but there are inevitably days when your nightly shut-eye gets disrupted. Or maybe you know you just feel better when you nap at a certain time every day.

If you’re not a regular napper, you may actually want to consider nodding off for a bit during the day--it could improve your work performance. In one University of Michigan study, researchers had participants nap for an hour and then had them complete tasks on a computer. Compared to those who were not permitted to nap, they were more persistent in trying to solve the problems. The researchers believe that napping may help people cope with negative emotions.

Still worry it might be a waste of time? Nappers find themselves in the company of Ariana Huffington, Thomas Edison, and Winston Churchill.

How long a nap you might need is individual, but even 6 minute naps can improve your memory. The benefits can go beyond how well you work to promote overall wellness--for example, 45 minutes may improve your blood pressure. However, a review of nap-related research suggests naps of 10 to 20 minutes.

Another thing to keep in mind is that naps lasting 30 minutes or longer can produce “sleep inertia”, essentially the time it takes you to wake up and fully experience the benefits of your nap.

No matter what your sleep style, Primary’s nap room, open to all members, provides an opportunity to recharge.

Despite the name, the nap room is not just used for naps. Some also use it as a quiet place to meditate.

Naps or quiet time not your thing? If you prefer caffeine, we’ve got you covered, just grab a matcha tea or coffee from the cafe.

Need a breath of fresh air or a workout to perk up? Try one of Primary’s classes, like bootcamp or a group run, a great way to meet the folks you see in the coworking space or offices.

Dream on.