Matcha: The Unique, Bright Nutritional Aid

Trust me, it can be hard to get used to the idea of adding a  bright green substance to daily intake. However, matcha is a flexible ingredient that can work in many different hot, cold, and sweet and savory scenarios - helping to suit every lifestyle. If you think about it, green truly is known as the color of life. Following this, matcha, with its bright green color, is known to help safely cleanse the body from harmful elements whilst providing us with a number of health benefits such as:

  • Boosting metabolism

  • Calming and relaxing the mind and body 

  • Enhancing mood

  • Aiding in concentration 

  • Helping to prevent diseases

  • Lowering blood sugars and cholesterol 

  • Providing high amounts of fiber, vitamin C, zinc and magnesium

Matcha Tea: 

Incorporating matcha into your tea is an easy and quick way to add some of these health benefits into your everyday diet. It has been stated that one serving of matcha tea is actually the nutritional equivalent to 10 cups of normal brewed green tea. Everyday people lose valuable antioxidants and minerals - surprisingly, this is what you are doing when you brew a normal cup of green tea. Water can only extract a small amount of benefits from the leaf and the majority is left within the leaf. To be able to gain full potential from green tea, consumption of the entire leaf would be necessary. Therefore, to save yourself from eating tea leaves, the simplest solution in order to gain 100% of the nutrients in a leaf - enjoy a bowl of matcha!

Rachel Webb