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Come join a fascinating group of people and some of New York's coolest biohackers to share insights and personal stories on how they manage to thrive and maximize their unique biology both at work, at home, and in the gym.

You will walk away with some serious inspiration and many practical biohacking tips that you can start incorporating straight away.

We will start with a panel discussion and then time to network and try my favorite biohacking products!

The NYC Biohacking Panel:

  • Myself, Dr. Neil Paulvin, a New York-based physician with a functional and holistic approach to medicine. I find the root cause of your issues and customize treatment plans to fit your unique body and circumstances blending the best of traditional with alternative and cutting-edge treatments.

  • Rick Richey, Co-Founder of ReCover NYC, In early 2017, Rick Richey and Aaron Drogoszewski had the realization that there was nowhere for people to go for purposes of recovery. In early 2018, ReCOVER opened as NYC's first Recovery Studio.

  • Madelaine O'Connel, Wall Street Banker, trainer for Megan Roup, Studio B New York and Obé Fitness.

  • Dr. Emily Splichal DPM, As a Podiatrist, Human Movement Specialist and Global Leader in Barefoot Science and Rehabilitation, Dr Splichal has developed a keen eye for movement dysfunction and neuromuscular control during gait. With the advancement of 3D kinematics and surface EMG, Dr Splichal is able to take her assessment skills to a higher level which allows for more detailed rehabilitation programming.

  • Gabe Kennedy, Chef & Co-founder of Plant People, high-performance CBD supplements and one of my personal favorite CBD brands

You will get to try:

  • My favourite biohacking tools such as Hypervolt, Halo, and see what lab work and blood flow restriction is all about!

  • Dr. Emily Splichal will showcase her revolutionary Naboso Technology (barefoot science) products that help performance, rehab and posture

  • Dr. Nicholas Rolnick, The Human Performance Mechanic will showcase Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

  • A healthy bowl from CAVA & broth sampling from my favorite broth - the Broth Masters

  • Product swag from Beekeepers Naturals, Sutra, Further Food & Pure Green

  • Promo cards from Obé Fitness, Banza, Recover NYC and Beekeepers Naturals

Join us!

Monday, November 12th

6:00PM - 8:00PM Cafe Lounge