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Self Care in a Time of Despair Workshop

  • Primary, FERN Conference Room 10004 Broadway New York, NY, 10004 United States (map)

This next-level workshop is all about how to really make sure your cup is full (to overflowing) so you can fight the good fight - as an entrepreneur, woman, activist, human being trying to live a life you love. Real self-care is not a manicure and a spin class. Michelle's got a wealth of wisdom about how to dig deeper and love yourself to liberation, which is especially important when going through a difficult time.

Michelle Keinan is a successful Somatic Healer and Power Guide who has helped transform the lives of hundreds of clients in her many years of practice as a certified Grinberg Method, Pantarei Approach and NLP practitioner.  Over the years, Michelle found healing others was actually a pretty lonely business --which led to the founding of City Wellness Collective, a global network of exceptional wellness practitioners prospering in the business of healing through community, education, and unparalleled behind-the-scenes support, with two beautiful healing centers currently based in New York City.

Michelle founded Radically Selfish as a platform that empowers women to understand that they already have everything they need to be fulfilled and truly happy - providing them the tools, community, confidence and 1:1 support to fully align themselves to become magnets for everything they desire.  Michelle’s amazing online coaching circle “D.O. Y.O.U.!” is for women who are sick of being on the hamster wheel of unfullfilment and ready to make their deepest dreams come true by connecting them with unshakeable self-love and respect.