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From Start-Up To Unicorn: The Silicon Valley Rollercoaster

  • Primary 251 West 30th Street, Cellar/Studio Space New York, NY, 10001 United States (map)

“From StartUp to Unicorn: The Silicon Valley Rollercoaster”

Using lots of audience interaction and his experience in three successive 10-1000 people scaleups, Roland Siebelink teaches early-mid stage entrepreneurs:

  • first-hand war stories from three massive scaleup journeys in a row

  • how to make your startup more robust while keeping an entrepreneurial culture

  • moving your goal posts from product-market-fit to product-market-dominance

  • overcoming valleys of death by mastering new competences at every stag

The audience also gets access to an exclusive toolkit to architect rapid startup momentum and will have copies of his book available.

About Roland:

Roland is a 25+ years veteran of Internet business, entrepreneurship and digital marketing. He is a former landslide winner of the Silicon Valley Founder Showcase (2011) and the only person who has lived through three 10-1000 FTE scaleup journeys in a row. He lives in San Francisco and coaches scaleup companies around the world.

Later Event: July 10