We are committed to providing our members with a warm, professional and mindful workspace.

Our team is always looking for opportunities to meet and exceed the expectations of our members. We’ve created an environment which encourages people to feel their best while providing them with tools to ensure their businesses flourish.

Focused by DesignFirst and foremost, we strive to create spaces which allow people to feel focused and comfortable. Our design errs on the side of simplicity– celebrating original building details, the character of raw materials, and select fine furnishings. Each location is filled with greenery; moss walls, fresh flowers and live planters can be found throughout.

Form & Function

We have taken steps to ensure that your business productivity is never compromised.

All office partitions are double glazed, yielding sound reduction ratings similar to that of solid plasterboard walls. Audio-masking solutions have been installed throughout common areas, reducing the impact of distracting ambient noises.