Our ambassadors

Our Wellness Ambassadors inspire and guide our Members to feel their best! They lead a variety of wellness activities, ranging from high-intensity workouts and yoga classes to meditation and nutrition seminars. Find out more about the classes by visiting our fitness studio.


Aimee Lee

Aimee Lee Gottesman is a New York City-based fitness instructor. She has been teaching mat Pilates, barre, aerial, and flexibility classes since 2012. Aimee spends her free time exploring any and all food offerings, flying through the air with the greatest of ease and being a cat mom. She is honored and excited to join the Primary team as a Wellness Ambassador.


Anyeli Arias

Anyeli Arias graduated with a BA in Dance in 2012. Shortly after she became a freelance dancer and instructor. It didn't take long for Anyeli to learn how to retrain her body after experiencing back pain. She found a new passion for health and believes you should take care of your body just as much as you put stress on it. She has been teaching Barre for over a year and is currently training to become a Pilates instructor.


Cassandra Lam

Cassandra is on a mission to change the way we live and work from the inside out. As a big data consultant turned entrepreneur and community builder, she is no stranger to the physical, mental, and emotional toll of working long hours in stressful environments. Prior to discovering yoga in 2012, Cassandra suffered from back pain that required weekly chiropractic visits with no hope of a longer-term solution. Through consistent practice, she was able to safely cure herself (sparing lots of doctor visits!) and developed a passion for helping others connect with their bodies in nourishing ways. Drawing from her personal experiences, Cassandra's yoga classes are thoughtfully sequenced, with a focus on purifying the mind, releasing bodily tension, and having fun! She cares about empowering you to step sweetly off of your mat and more vibrantly into your life.


Eli Walker

I grew up in rural Wisconsin and set flight for Manhattan when I received a scholarship to attend New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Graduating with a BFA in Acting (Cum Laude), and training from the Lee Strasberg Institute, Experimental Theatre Wing and Stonestreet Studios, as well as improv training at UCB and storytelling at the Magnet, I tackled the acting industry equipped with skill and confidence. But, it wasn’t long before my passion and unique talent for using performance as a tool to cultivate awareness of the physical and spiritual body led me to the art of yoga. Yoga inspired me to use movement, breath and meditation to fearlessly work, play and dream in all realms of truth, and inspire others to do the same.


Evan Lawrence

Evan Lawrence is a health and wellness professional operating out of Brooklyn and Manhattan. He is a psychotherapist (M.A. from CUNY John Jay), certified personal trainer, registered yoga teacher, and Precision Nutrition coach. After several years of working for both forensic mental health non-profits and personal training big-box gyms, he wanted to use his multi-faceted background to create a total wellness package for his clients. Following his passion, he formed Evan Lawrence Wellness and Fitness LLC, and is now dedicated to an integrated approach for both mental and physical wellness. He is focused on providing psychotherapy, personal training, and online health coaching for people who want to learn how to improve their mental and physical wellness.


Hope Mirlis 

Hope Mirlis is a virtual smorgasbord. A handful of educator, a scoop of performer, a dash of administrator and a whole lot of positive, nurturing energy. After 2 decades in arts administration, education and performance, her life took a shift when a friend asked her to officiate her wedding. Through her business, A More Perfect Union, she’s created a practice to join the body, mind and soul through performing wedding ceremonies, offering pre-marital counseling and a creating special yoga classes for weddings! Hope is an Ordained Minister and a Certified Yoga Instructor working with grooms and brides across the country since 2009.


Kirsten Trued 

Kirsten Trued, E-RYT500, is an international yoga teacher originally from Edmonton, Canada but now based in New York City. From an early age, movement fascinated her as she was swept from dance practice to gymnastics and then cheerleading. Her interest in movement modalities eventually morphed into a LOVE for the yoga practice after moving to NYC. Yoga was more than just movement and feeling good; it was a personal path to inner strength and self-expression. Kirsten is an integrated Yoga Tune Up Teacher, Roll Model Method trainer and co-creator of OFSY's 200-Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training Curriculum.


Krista Martins 

Krista Martins is a professional choreographer, ACE certified group fitness instructor and founder of Wukkout!® She has been teaching and performing professionally for over 15 years; she is also a Professor at Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus where she teaches hip hop dance to undergraduate students. Krista's passion for dance can be found in a number of genres including hip hop, ballet, African and soca. Hailing from a Guyanese family, as a young adult, she began to identify her love for soca music and the deeply rooted culture connected to it; she became an active participant in various Caribbean carnivals throughout North America.


Kristina Kindseth

Kristina's passion for Health & Wellness is undeniable as she is a group fitness instructor all around the city of New York! Her love for yoga shines as she leads a Yoga Sculpt class for Corepower Yoga. The high energy and thrills lights up when she teaches HIIT IT! With every week leading upbeat, high energy classes, she also has a growing business called Beyond The Core. Created to discover your Sankalpa - your purpose in life. You will find her working with clients through her program, running the streets with adidas, or leading unique intense workout classes!


Meg Hopkins 

Meg was born and raised in New York City and struggles to remember a time in her childhood when she didn’t loathe her body. She is now years in recovery from anorexia nervosa and very open about her struggles with eating, clinical depression, and anxiety. Her experiences have given her a unique take on being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, where she encourages all of her clients to ditch dieting, smash their scales, and focus on movement that makes them feel powerful. Meg spends what little time she has free writing young adult fantasy novels and hanging out with her boyfriend, pitbull, and black cat in Brooklyn. She is certified by ACE in personal training and group fitness, pre/postnatal certified by PROnatal, and Russian Kettlebell Challenge certified by Dragon Door.

Monica Sobrin.png

Monica Sobrin 

Monica Sobrin is an ACE-certified group fitness instructor who strives to make studio-quality fitness accessible to people of all races, classes, and genders. Currently, she teaches POP Pilates -- a total body dance on the mat that combines ab-chiseling Pilates, low-impact cardio, and the targeted strength training of barre. Monica also holds two degrees in classical Indiankathak dance. When she is not teaching POP or at her day job doing domestic violence legislative work, Monica enjoys meeting new people and sharing salad with her two guinea pigs, Boots and Buttons!


Nikolay Ignatyev 

In my senior year at univeristy while pursuing a degree in biochemistry one of my classmates took me to my first class at Yoga to The People at Saint Mark’s place. A week later I changed my major to philosophy and religion. And a few months later I was in a 200 hour yoga training with Sri Dharma Mittra and later that year completed my 500 hour training at Atmananda Yoga. My journey led me into orthodox and unorthodox ways of discovering myself. Yoga has been the driving force behind it all, and of course, it takes more than a yoga class to find yourself internally. Once you take a step forward, however, there is no going back. Once you have a taste of the exaltation of the spirit, of the openness of the heart, and of the flight that your mind can take, there is no going back. You will dig deep into your psyche and find ways to rewire yourself so that you come back to that unfragmented self full of harmony and joy that you came here to be.


Palak Patel 

Palak is an alchemist and believes in the power of transformation. She teaches students how to use meditation & yoga as a lens to bring awareness to their thoughts, emotions and actions. As a committed yoga student for over 10 years, she has mastered the practice both on & off the mat and helps others incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives. Palak is the founder of Uncommon Coaching -- a start-up that combines the problem solving framework of consulting and the principles of mindfulness to transform individuals, teams and organizations. As a fellow entrepreneur in the Primary community, she understands first hand the challenges of maintaining clarity and equanimity through constant changes.


Sarah Rose 

Sarah Rose earned her BA in Classics from Princeton University and her MFA in Choreography and Performance from Florida State University. She works as a freelance choreographer and dancer in NYC. She is a Balanced Body certified Pilates Mat instructor and an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and loves helping everyone in her classes find power within themselves.



Shalyni Paiyappilly is a NY State Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Registered Yoga / Meditation Teacher, Sound Vibration Facilitator, Reiki 1 Practitioner, and a Singer. She felt a calling at a young age to share her presence and her voice to help those in distress. She believes it is her mission to inspire peace in others. She currently works full time providing psycho-therapy at a private practice group. Additionally, she offers meditation, yoga, reiki, and sound vibration sessions in various NYC locations.

Whitney Biaggi.png

Whitney Biaggi 

Whitney Biaggi is a Certified Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, in addition to being Functional Movement & Russian Kettlebell Certified. She currently offers personal training and race training, both in NYC and remotely, and instructs group fitness classes for HIIT IT!, NYC's ultimate high intensity interval training workout. Whitney is a lifelong runner, including a two-time Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher, and lover of all sports from soccer to cycling to yoga. She believes that fitness and healthy living should be fun and is passionate about helping others find activities that resonate with them to reach their full potential.


Daphnie Yang 

Daphnie Yang is a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator of HIIT IT! NYC's Ultimate High Intensity Interval Training Workout. She is currently sponsored by Athleta. Daphnie first exploded onto the New York City fitness scene in 2007 and has been taking it by storm ever since, quickly becoming one of the most sought after personal trainers, instructors and race coaches in Manhattan. Daphnie Yang is a Certified Personal Trainer and the creator of HIIT IT! NYC's Ultimate High Intensity Interval Training Workout. She is currently sponsored by Athleta. Daphnie first exploded onto the New York City fitness scene in 2007 and has been taking it by storm ever since, quickly becoming one of the most sought after personal trainers, instructors and race coaches in Manhattan.


We are always looking for new talent! If you are interested in leading our Members and engaging the community, please apply to be a Wellness Ambassador by reaching out to hello@liveprimary.com.