Our Team

Our team is always looking for opportunities to meet and exceed the expectations of our members. We’ve created an environment that encourages people to feel their best while providing them with tools to ensure their businesses flourish. 


Lisa skye hain - co-founder

As a magnetic leader, poised public speaker, and master networker, Lisa has spent a lifetime amidst thriving small businesses. She managed two restaurants in Danny Meyer’s hospitality empire, worked on a top residential & commercial real estate sales team with The Corcoran Group, built one of the world’s largest and most prosperous Manhattan BNI (Business Network International) chapters, and served as WeWork’s founding Head of Community — overseeing operations for their first 275 offices. When not at Primary, you’ll likely find Lisa traveling with Brian and their babies Henry and Hawk, practicing hot yoga, and/or eating coconut peanut butter.


brian hain - co-founder

As an entrepreneurial wellness leader, Brian has ventured into many dimensions of the health & wellness industry from launching endurance training businesses in Washington, DC and Portland, Oregon to leading business development efforts across the US for the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA). With over a decade of experience that includes wellness programming, holistic health planning, multisport training, and community development, Brian has cultivated his craft as a health and wellness expert with a burning desire to raise the quality of health in the world. When not at Primary, you’ll likely find Brian watching films, enjoying the great outdoors, loving on his newborn son Henry, and/or trying some sort of healthy concoction.


Danny Orenstein - Co-founder

Leveraging a background in architecture with field construction expertise, Danny has worked on a wide breadth of projects ranging from award winning apartments to $9m luxury retail flagship stores. On the retail side, he served as Director of Store Development and Construction for Aesop Americas, Senior PM for Kate & Jack Spade, and founding Director of Development for WeWork. With WeWork, Danny oversaw the design and execution of the brand’s first 500,000SF / six locations. When not at Primary, you’ll likely find Danny cycling, jumping on a plane for an overseas adventure, and/or cooking a delicious meal with locally grown produce.


Dennis James Dwyer - Head of community

Dennis  is a natural community builder who believes the greatest job of a professional barista is to connect the coffee, the story, the flavor, and the people… which makes him perfect in his new role as Head of Community — ensuring every day is a happy and productive day for our Members!

Over the past fifteen years, Dennis has fulfilled many roles at a wide range of New York area restaurants from barista to restaurant manager to wine director. When not at Primary, Dennis loves to travel the country in search of exceptional food, fine wines, and great times.


rebeca brau - lEAD SALES ASSOCIATE

Born and raised in Mexico, Rebeca is a certified yoga & meditation teacher and master hypnotist who’s lived and traveled to many countries around the whole wide world. After falling in love with Primary’s vibe, she decided to switch gears from being a full-time teacher and coach and share her many years of experience in the wellness world with the Primary team! 

When not at Primary, Rebeca loves spending time with her two beautiful children and checking out all the fabulous galleries and restaurants near her home on the Upper East Side.

Picture Adam Cropped copy.jpg

AdAM fINKLEMAN - Development project manager

Adam is a project management specialist. He received a Masters and Bachelors in Building Construction from the University of Florida along with a Concentration in Sustainability, OSHA Certification, and LEED Accreditation. Adam has been involved in the construction management of restaurants, apartments, and stores throughout the city. 

When Adam is not managing, he spends his free time designing through his side business Yorkwood Co. 


Hannah Woit - Executive Assistant

Hannah is assisting Primary's executive team with various projects and will start pursuing her MBA at Columbia Business School in the fall. Trained in reiki, she is pursuing her health coaching certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has a background in publishing and has written for Prevention Magazine and Forbes Woman online. She is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service and the Columbia Publishing Course at Columbia's Journalism School.

When not at Primary, you can find Hannah checking out new fitness classes, bargain shopping, or poring over the New York Times Style section.


Khensani Mathebula - Lead LUMINARY

Khensani is often the first face you see upon entering Primary. Her favorite word is “shine”— very fitting since she illuminates our space with warmth, wonder, and joy! Aside from being an experienced administrative pro, she is a professional modern dancer and choreographer as well!

She loves making connections with our members and building community. She will welcome you and your guests with her signature smile, and probably strike a few dance moves around the office too. When she’s not at Primary, you’ll likely find Khensani in dance class, rehearsal, or dancing her heart out on stage.


Mayra PeÑaranda - lUMINARY

Mayra is a recent Photography and Imaging graduate from New York University. She is originally from Colombia but grew up in Miami (two places which she feels very emotionally and culturally connected!). Mayra has continued to pursue her passion for art after college. She believes that art is a wonderful and cathartic way to share your story, process your feelings, and connect with the outer world.  

When she’s not at Primary, Mayra volunteers at a bunny rescue on weekends and LOVES binging on Netflix, snacking on Sour Patch Kids, and making embroidery.