Our Cafe

We strive to ensure our cafe has a wide selection of food and drinks, carefully crafted from fresh ingredients and healthy options.

This is why we live by the mantra that you work best when you feel great.

Come in and visit our locations in the Financial District and Penn Station.

Some Items from the Menu

Meet Our Baristas


Yasmeena Azer - Barista, FiDi

(Monday - Wednesday)

Yasmeena is a barista and photographer who loves to meet new people and is passionate about learning. Having been in the coffee industry for the last few years, she has enjoyed being able to create a welcoming experience for all who visit the cafe.
When not at Primary, you can find Yasmeena visiting other cafes, hiking, reading, or playing the drums.


Alvar Puckerin - Barista, FiDi

(Thursday - Friday)

Alvar has been part of the New York Coffee scene for over six years. A coffee journeyman of sorts, he aims to find the “perfect” cup of coffee. He strongly believes in the mutual partnership between a barista and farmer, and has made it his goal to properly represent the hard work and preparation that goes into a great cup of coffee before it makes its way to your cup.
When not at Primary, Alvar can usually be found behind the lens of his favorite camera. A coffee enthusiast by trade and a shutterbug at heart.


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